explore the wonders of cooking over an open fire.

Roast Meats!


Make Cheese! 


Bake Bread!


Make a Green Salad & Dressing

from a 200 year old Virginia Receipt!*


Saute Vegetables

for the best tasting Soup

you'll ever have!


Recreate a delicious Savory Pie!


All Receipts* will be from

English and Virginia Sources of the

16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries!


Collect all Receipts* & Modern Redactions

to take home!


Participants will be able to dine on

all creations made that day!


* "Receipt" is the original word for "Recipe."

@ 2020 by Rebecca Suerdieck.  

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Email: 17thcVirginiaCooking@gmail.com            

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