... explore ... prepare ... cook over an open fire ... taste ... enjoy ...

Highly recommended!

Where else can you cook on a fire? I loved learning this way -

and then getting to taste everything! I would do this again!

Highly recommended!

- Suzanna H., Richmond, Virginia


I learned so many new skills!

The Instructor made everything look very easy,

using colonial recipes with plenty of modern applications.

I learned so many new skills and can't wait 

for the next time I can cook over a fire at a History Event!

- Beth W., Yorktown, Virginia


Very Authentic!

Very Authentic! The entire day was very interesting. 

The Instructor is very easy to comunicate with.

She answered all our questions.  

She made the class fun and interesting. Thank You.

 - Elizabeth & Matt F., Arlington, Virginia


I enjoyed learning about Colonial Housewives!

I liked the authenticity of both the recipes and the cooking techniques.

I enjoyed learning about Colonial Housewives and how they would have done things. Some of the recipes were altered by request to accomodate modern health worries and allergies. This was very nice and appreciated!

 - Karen P., Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


I really enjoyed making new friends!

I think what I liked best about the class is the Instructor - Rebecca!

I am pleased that she posted this workshop on her Facebook page.  

I really enjoyed making a couple of new friends in the Living History community, learning some new cooking techniques 

and sharing some of my interests there as well.

 - George H., Manassas, Virginia

I have always wanted to cook like this!

I love History and visit historic sites whenever I can.

For years, I looked for a place to learn how to cook over a fire

and was thrilled to find one so close to where I live!

I LOVE Rebecca's teaching style and will definitely be taking

another class from her!

- Janice M., Richmond, Virginia

So much more than just Cooking!

Rebecca is a delight!

Her class was so interesting - We could have listened all day!

The food was delicious! Everyone was hands-on with the production!

The pie was beautiful and the soup was the best I've ever had!

I didn't want it to end!

- Carol and Mike, Chester, Virgina

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upon confirmation ...

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